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Holistic Mental 

Health Therapy

Life is an evolving journey. Let us meet you where you are and walk through this journey together.

The Olive Tree Wellness Center supports individuals 12 and up. We specialize in providing a holistic approach to mental wellness. 


We are licensed to serve individuals virtually in seven states:



New York

New Jersey

South Carolina



*We also offer face-to-face sessions in Palm Coast, Florida.

Virtual sessions are offered through a secure platform. We’ll start by getting to know each other and identifying your needs. Then we’ll create a wellness plan and stay in touch, even between sessions. Sessions are offered on weekdays AND weekends!

Fruit and Leaves


Nicole Mateo, LMHC, LPC, PMH-C

Nicole earned her MA in Psychological Counseling at Monmouth University in 2004. After graduation, she began working with individuals who experienced depression, trauma, anxiety and change of life stages. Nicole is licensed in...

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"I have a burning desire to support others to find their inner strength and see the positive in their journey."
- Nicole


I specialize in addressing all layers of an individual, including physical, mental / emotional, spiritual, and communal / relational. 


I specialize in a holistic maternal wellness approach. Incorporating yoga, breathing techniques, and sound baths, I support you at a deeper emotional and spiritual level.


I specialize in Immigration Mental Health Evaluations and have experience writing extreme hardship cases, spousal abuse (VAWA), political asylum cases, and U-Visa. These virtual evaluations are done from the comfort of your home, in English or Spanish.


Looking for supervision as a counseling intern? I provide both individual and group supervision opportunities for those seeking virtual supervision hours. I am able to supervise interns from Florida, Georgia, and Texas.

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The Best You

So many things in life can get in the way of us being our authentic selves. Stress, depression, disappointment, grief, and other struggles can truly be overwhelming. But step by step, with the right support, you can work through these issues. There is a road back to yourself.

I’m ready to be your guide on this journey, and support you as you create a life that makes you truly happy.

Contact me today to get started.

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