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Maternal Wellness

Are you having a difficult pregnancy?
Is being a new parent not what you thought?
Are you simply stressed out or feeling hopeless?

Sometimes the world looking in expects parents to feel joyful and ecstatic about bringing a new baby home. This is particularly the case for mothers. But for many families, it doesn’t go so smoothly. Many parents feel stress, guilt, or anxiety about those first weeks and months.

Some of the difficulties my clients have experienced include:

● Illness and discomfort during pregnancy
● One or more miscarriages
● Problems bonding with an infant
● Postpartum depression
● Increased anxiety during and after pregnancy
● Grieving the loss of a child
● Past trauma and abuse, triggered by having a child

No one should be expected to deal with these problems on their own. As a holistic maternal mental health therapist, I’m available to support your overall wellness.

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Are you experiencing

Problems Adjusting?

Many people experience overwhelming feelings during pregnancy or after having a child. You might find that your own childhood memories are triggered. Or, you may have fears about being a good parent and supporting your child.

The good and bad news is that no parent is perfect. There’s no one way to care for or raise your child. However, with support you can become more present for your baby and yourself. Things can get easier.

It helps to rediscover yourself in the process. Being a parent is an important part of you, but so are your other values, interests and goals. Stepping into your full self will ultimately be just as helpful for your child as for you.

I use a holistic approach, supporting the whole you, your child, and your family.

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What is holistic maternal mental health therapy?

I specialize in the maternal experience, before, during, and after pregnancy. I know that while it’s an incredible experience to have a baby, it can also be a confusing time.

Many parents think they’re the only ones feeling disappointed or discouraged. However, it’s common to have problems such as bonding with a newborn (although most people don’t talk about it). It’s normal to feel like you don’t know how you’re going to keep this up, or to feel let down in the process.​

The times when it can be hardest to reach out are often the times you need the most support. As a therapist, I begin by meeting you where you’re at. No judgment, no expectations. 

I offer gradual, gentle techniques to help with stress and mental health symptoms like depression and anxiety. We might start with yoga or mindfulness activities. These will help you relax and practice being in the moment.

You may also want to make life changes or deal with problems like trauma or negative thoughts. In that case, we’ll use additional techniques shown to help. Among other practices, I have training and experience in:

● Maternal mental health therapy
● CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy)
● EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy)
● Mind-body health
● Sound therapy
● Yoga and mindfulness practices

By combining traditional treatments like talk therapy with mind-body practices I’m able to treat the whole you.

Contact me now to get started.

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Engage in the

Maternal Wellness Membership Package

I offer a membership package that entails a group like setting in which we meet weekly for 90 minutes, we discuss the shift in our bodies, our lives, and our expectations when we are ready to have a baby.  We also learn and explore different breathing techniques that can assist us- specifically discussion how specific yoga poses, breathing techniques, and foods align with our chakras and can facilitate this new journey.

Individual services in these areas are also provided.

Benefits of Maternal Mental Health Therapy

My clients find many benefits from my holistic treatment. Among other benefits, mothers, fathers, and other caretakers I work with report:

● Feeling less overwhelmed
● Increased ability to be present with their child
● Feeling more validated and understood
● Learning new parenting perspectives
● Increased spiritual connectedness
● Feeling less anxious and depressed

No matter what you’re going through, it can improve when you learn to embrace your whole self. I want you to heal, so you can learn to have peace, create joy, and live the life you’re meant to have. I know it can seem strange to allow others to help you. There are times in life when we’re really the ones who need support. It’s okay to accept it.

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